1.Approximately 25% of working age people cannot or will not keep a full time job because of bad personal choices.

I will eliminate taxpayer assistance for those who choose not to work.

2.Children are born into circumstances where they have little chance of success in life because they do not have parents who adequately care for them or who can be good examples.

I will support economic penalties for absent and irresponsible parents.

3.People are having children that they cannot take care of without taxpayer funds and we are enabling them with generous taxpayer support.

I will support free birth control for all citizens but after twelve months I will discontinue taxpayer support for new babies.

4.Unfair free trade agreements, automation and outsourcing of jobs have put the American worker in direct competition with better educated, harder working and lower wage workers outside the USA.  The American middle class is losing this battle and living less well because of it.

I will seek real fair trade, not just free trade and expect other nations to be comparable with our environmental and labor laws.

5.Government employees have excessive compensation compared to private sector workers which makes government too expensive for the private sector to support.

I will work for equality in private and public sector compensation as I have worked on this issue for 15 years.

6.Gay people have been denied equal rights and our economy, families, and culture are reduced because of it. Gay people and their families suffer from discrimination often based on misinterpretation of Bible verses.

I will make it unlawful to fire people from employment because they are gay. I will continue to speak for equal rights as I have for 15 years.

7.The average American family share of the national debt is $223,000. Our national debt is immoral.

I will advocate for a Constitutional Amendment for a balanced budget.

8.The condition of United States roads reduces our quality of life and makes it more difficult for businesses to be profitable in our country.

I will look for solutions other than tax increases, but I am open to a small gradual tax increase if I am convinced it’s needed.

9.The results of our K-12 education system are mediocre and we spend more than most countries.

I will ask our students, teachers and administrators to work longer and harder by extending instruction time and the school year.  I would support pay incentives for our teachers based on results.

10.The cost of alcohol and other addictive drugs for the taxpayer is enormous and increasing.  The social cost of alcohol should be paid for by the producers of alcohol and not by the general taxpayer. 

11.The federal government needs to hire people with management skills and not expect elected officials to have government management skills

Individuals with the appropriate background and education should be hired to oversee the agencies and departments that serve our citizens and their compensation should be equal to private sector managers.

12.Affordable, workable healthcare is increasingly unavailable without subsidy from taxpayers.

I will work to reduce the cost of healthcare and require more information about what and who we pay and increase co-pays in some situations.

13.The value of our dollar is being decreased by Washington deficit spending with the result that prices are increasing in almost every area which is especially a burden for seniors.

I will demonstrate against debt as I have in the past on the steps of our nation’s capital and enlist others.

14.The cost of caring for sick family members is increasing and bankrupting many people.

I will advocate for a limit on what family members can be expected to pay.

15.Too many politicians are guilty of lying, blaming the wrong people, taking credit for other people’s work and voting for special interest groups who support them with money.

I will work with the media to inform citizens of the truth.

16.The cost of electricity in Michigan is higher than most states because we do not have choice in suppliers like we do with natural gas.  The Michigan legislature took away our choice and will not give it back because of pressure from special interest groups.  The result is our electric bills are high and we have less money for job creation and the middle class dream.

I will be an advocate for choice because competition creates better quality products at a lower price.


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